The human presence is a constant in my work. Often beginning with old snapshots, candid photos of family and strangers, I try to capture slices of time, evocative moments. I am fascinated by what home photographers inadvertently catch: images that are often casual and non-reverential, the subjects captured without their masks on, the scene not lit of staged. The results are situations, faces and places that resonate with viewers, reminding them of the life they really led instead of the stories they created about their pasts.

“I am fascinated with what home photographers catch, images that are often casual, “non-reverential,” people captured mid-sentence instead of elegantly posed.”

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Sharon is based in Denver, Colorado and shows her paintings locally and nationally.

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Sharon’s work includes portraits, interiors, landscapes, and pets.

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Sharon lives, works, and displays her work in the Pattern Shop Studio, located in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver.

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Paintings of children, friends, family, and strangers

Sharon’s portraits are inspired by photos; posed and candid.


Paintings of interior living spaces

The theme of interiority and the settings in which Sharon and others live out their private lives inspires this series.


Paintings of fields, beaches, cityscapes, and other exterior spaces

Landscapes are often empty of faces, but reflective of the human presence.

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